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Press Release.



Libertarian membership soars as Brexit shambles continues.

Date: Saturday 23rd March 2019

The Libertarian Party UK has seen a sharp increase in numbers as the government-led Brexit shambles moves into overdrive.

The increase comes as the UKIP lurch towards an anti-Islam mantra grows stronger and voters search for other pro-independence options.

The last six months have seen the Libertarians record a 21% increase in membership and vastly increased interest in social media fora.

Membership Secretary Glenville Gogerly said, "The people of the UK are realising that our present political two-party system is very broken indeed.

“They realise that the state machine has grown far too big and a real change is necessary for the country.

"We in the Libertarian Party UK offer a very credible way to make that change and people are realising this and joining us.

“With the creation of local party associations people will have another way to access our philosophy and policies.”

Dan Liddicott, Home Affairs spokesman, added, “It really doesn’t look like Theresa May is working for us at all, and seems more like an EU representative touting what they want.

“The only real Brexit on offer is a WTO Brexit, a clean break and true independence. Then we can have a different conversation with the EU, as a sovereign nation and not as a supplicant.

“Then we can ask questions like: ‘How much should we make the EU pay each year to have free trade with us?’”


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