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A New Brexit Dawn

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

29th of March 2019 is the day the UK leaves the EU.

The legal default position as voted for by MP'S when the Government triggered Article 50.

A New Brexit Dawn For UK Trade.

The week ahead will be a defining moment in the history of our nation. In the House of Commons this week we will see if the MP'S, who the electorate voted for in 2017 on manifesto's that promised Brexit will actually deliver the UK to a self determining nation once more. On Tuesday MP's will have their meaningful vote once more on a deal which for all intense purposes which is really a bad deal . A deal that can leave us chained and tethered to the EU indefinately.

On Wednesday MP's will, if they vote down Mrs May's deal be given a vote for taking a WTO withdrawal off the table. This to me is a terrible climbdown by the Prime Minister which I believe will destroy any trust the electorate has in our system of Government and is a terrible erosion of democracy in the UK. If MP'S take this route they will then be given the opportunity to vote for an extension of Article 50.

The EU have stated they do not want an extension of Article 50 and would only consider a very short extension if absolutely needed.

The 29th of March 2019 is the legal point at which the UK is to leave the EU as voted for by MP's when they voted to trigger Article 50.

The WTO Option

This is a very sensible way forward and will give the certainty that both the electorate and business need. After attending many debates as a panelist it really frustrates me that so many panelists who support remain are still putting fear into the electorate by making wild claims of disaster and ruin for our country. Many members of the audience still believe that remaining would mean that we would keep the status quo. This is incorrect as with the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty all vetos and opt outs disapear. All member states will have to adopt the Euro and a EU wide constitution will be put into place with over arching powers which supercede nation states sovereign powers.

MP's must not take a WTO option off the table we have to show support and leadership to our industry and business. We must grasp the opportunity to leave and then to negotiate a comprehensive free trade agreement with the EU which in turn will leave us free to negotiate trade deals around the world. I impress on all MP's not to sell our country short. Invest the £39 billion into our nation not into a failing project that is so bad for the people of this once proud nation. A new dawn is on the horizon a dawn that can bring sustainable growth and prosperity to the UK. There will be bumps along the way but with determination and true guts we can succeed.

A New Vision For The Nation

Are you fed up with the politicians that you voted for and the broken political system that we have?

There is another way. A way in which you gain more control of your freedom, where you pay less tax and the state machine is much, much smaller.

Interested? Then why not join us in the Libertarian Party UK.

A party with a new vision for the UK.

Libertarian Party UK: A new vision for the nation.

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