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Your PPC

On Monday the 26th of November 2018 I joined the Libertarian Party UK and was adopted  as Prospective Parliamentary Candidate LPUK Stroud. After meeting with the Party Chairman, Andrew Withers, I was appointed County Coordinator for Gloucestershire.

I am well known in the Five Valleys and stood as a Eurosceptic candidate in the 2017 General election.

Events are showing that our predictions are sadly coming true. Theresa May and the Conservatives never had any intention of fully implementing the decision to leave taken at the ballot box by a majority of the British people in the 2016 EU Referendum.


At the next General election I will be the Brexit candidate who believes in small Government, low taxes and Liberty. A vote for the Conservatives, Labour, the LibDems or the Greens will be a vote for remaining shackled to the EU, with higher taxes and the sceptre of an ever growing state.

I call upon all Leave voters in the Stroud Constituency, whichever party you may have previously supported, to back me and help me to back Britain and ensure that your will, as expressed in the EU Referendum, is fully implemented.

Glen Gogerly.


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